Listen to the Difference!

You can hear the CF Halifax (CFH) RTTY signal on 13509.9 kHz. You hear the signal difference between my 15 m wire antenna with a MLB and the DLPD 15

(Beginning with the.DLPD 15 ---> Wire/MLB ---> DLPD 15)
Received November 17, 1997 around 1830 UTC

Note: If your computer is rigged for sound but don't hear the signal automatically upon complete launch of this window and finish of downloading, then your browser probably is not configured to launch and play a *.wav audio file. To hear the signal, you need to modify your browser's preferences to launch a media player, like the one in "\windows\mplayer.exe" and then click on the file below for playback using your media player (or "save to disk" for later playback). Click Here for Wave Sound File