What the folks are saying!
I know you get lots of messages/mo but let me add a kudo on the way antenneX is managed professionally, both in content and in process. I especially appreciate your single-minded dedication to serving your subscribers -- well done, Jack, well done!
--Jim Reis, AE6CR
Hello! I would like to know when my subscription ends? And, to say THANK YOU for a wonderful source of information on antennas. I have increased my knowledge and understanding about antennas and found many hours of enjoyment in seeking out better and more intelligent antennas (well, at least they make me feel more intelligent when I get them to work...) Keep up the great work. 73,
Jeff Chambers, KK7MQ
Thank you... thank you... for all your work. This is the best technically focused forum I've ever been on. I am participating in two professional ones that I wish I could drop which drives home the point here how good this one is. Yours is a joy. I wish I could participate a bit more but business stuff gets in the way so I do what I can for now. I've only been with you all for two years and really appreciate the forum and you and all the folks on it.
Great job! Michael E. Vrbanac
Werner et al...
I agree completely. Just look at what Jack has accomplished... A viable E magazine.(How many others have failed in weeks or months?)
- A forum for all aspects of antenna design. (Even the nutty ones!)
- A catalyst for not just new antennas, but for entirely new CLASSES of antennas.
- And on and on!
You deserve to be proud, Jack! All the best, Bill, KT4YE
Congratulations on the 7th anniversary! You are providing such a fine magazine service to the amateur and antenna community. I really like the openness of antenneX. Seemingly far-out ideas can be aired openly. While some might think this is detrimental to furthering the understanding and invention of antennas, I truly believe that these ideas provide solid food for thought. They stimulate the best discussions. Some people strive to make these antennas work, others strive to show how they can't work as claimed. We all learn from this. I have to say that it was the CFA controversy that rekindled my interest in antennas. So Jack, please keep it up and good luck to you.
Dave WX7G
Hi Jack
Congratulations to an accomplished 7 years and 84 issues of antenneX online. There can be no doubt whatsoever, that it is a labor of love. It shines thru clearly. I love the clear consistency, and the huge repository (human and data) to learn from. Even the occasional frays, like "does displacement current exist and does it radiate", which was put to bed so capably by Kirk McDonald (Princeton Uni) is a historical and technical learning experience.

Mr. Cebik's collection is so vast, I don't know where to begin. And he is just one of them. I feel honored to be part of this anniversary issue, even by coincidence!
Many more such years.... Levente
Hi Jack,
Congratulation to antenneX issue #84 and the completion of 7 years online. I remember the old days of the printed version of antenneX, were I was also a subscriber. But, I must say the online version now is much more up-to-date! Mainly because of the big number of well-balanced technical contributors.

Wishing you and your publication all the best for the future.
Best regards, Alois - DJ0TR

Dear List & antenneX readers - Re: 7th Year Anniversary Online
I think especially Jack (publisher) deserves, after 7 years of moderation end editing work, a big compliment for his efforts to keep the excellent quality level of the magazine and this discussion group. Of course, this quality would not be possible without the contribution of his GARDS members, authors and scientific consultants. The magazine keeps a very good balance between theory and practice at all levels unifying this way the world antenna amateur community. The April 2004 issue makes no exception to this rule...

The antenna discussion group is the most exciting and interesting modality I ever met. Unfortunately the "new multimedia" does not allow us (yet) to have video conference discussions. This would have the big advantage to transmit also our faces and voices when arguing about one or the other subject. I am sure that all these faces would show the grins or smiles, which are specific to passionate experimenters and people, eager for knowledge. Written words are sometimes very awkward and confusing, leaving the "human factor" much behind. Maybe the beautiful spring day led me to this sentimental effusion regarding our wonderful antenna friendship... (hi!)
Best regards, Werner, DL6NDJ

Jack, I hope that amongst all the admin stuff, the web site activity and other hats, you can take time to be PROUD of what you have accomplished. Your articles TEACH and INFORM better than anything on the web or in print. You have established a world class link for some of the keenest minds in Antenna Technology that I have ever encountered. And your actions and site have facilitated the INNOVATION of several new designs including the Prismatic, the various "cubes" and variants, a new fractal design and many more. (Maybe even one from me. Stay tuned.) Thanks, Jack! Bill KT4YE
Dear Sir, I am writing from Singapore. You have one of the most comprehensive website I have ever come across. Just a hobbyist with some interest in EMW. Your research info is generous & in great detail too. I have bookmarked your website now. Should have found it ages ago! ~ David Chong
Dear Jack, I have enjoyed your magazine, and believe you do a service to the antenna community. I subscribed a week ago or so, and am still reading!... I am helping Ben Dawson in the calibration of the Shifnal (UK) site and the CFA that is installed there... Regards, George Hagn
After visiting your site I read most of the freely available content. However I was immediately struck with how interesting you made it, and also how understandable it all was. The wealth of information covers many fields of antenna experimentation. May I point to one article that brought it all home to me. The effects of VSWR on Transmitted power By James G. Lee W6VAT and the Editor's note by K5CNF -Enlightening - I have two very experienced technical officers one teaches our younger members. Both were struck, as I was on how easy he made the subject appear and how clearly the article was written. I have been a experimenter for years and thought I understood the subject, only to find on reading James' article that my knowledge was certainly suspect. It made the subject crystal clear.

Publications and websites like yours are a breath of fresh air and need to be brought to the attention of all radio amateurs, if only to assist and guide in experimenting; but more importantly help them avoid shelling out vast sums of money on expensive dummy loads.
Warmest Regards from Wales. Edward GW0DSJ
HI, I'm Joel Ruiz Ibarra and I'm student of Ing Electronic in ITSON (Tecnologic Institute of Sonora) in Obregon, Sonora, Mexico in my search of information about poynting vector and wave polarization. I found these pages and I will congratulate you and give my thanks for a help that you give with these information to students of the world. Thanks, Joel Ruiz Ibarra
Jack, I continue to enjoy visiting the Reading Rooms, and find them to contain a wealth of most interesting information. You are to be congratulated on an excellent enterprise. I am particularly impressed with the increasing number of articles being submitted by International amateurs. It is nice to learn how others have experimented, and that they are so willing to share their experiences with fellow hams. Kind regards, Malcolm G3ZHY
Greetings, I wanted to mention that I really enjoy my subscription to antenneX. This is a fantastic resource. I spend far more time reading antenneX than I do any paper periodical... ...Thank you for an excellent resource, Sincerely, Brian D. Sarka MCT, MCSE, A+ KI8JT Sartech Enteprises LLC
antenneX has immerged as the most authoritative and creative source of antenna Info there is for the Hams. I'd suggest you subscribe to antenneX to keep up with the progress and antenna coverage they have every month. I have no connection with antenneX other than being a satisfied reader. Take a close look at their Web Site and be prepared to spend some time on it. You will find instructions on how to subscribe for the many reading rooms. It's a Ham's Best Buy in Antenna Info. I've been reading everything printed on antennas for over 60 years and I really look forward to it every month.
Just logged in and snooped around, and noticed in "Ham Workshop," the article by KC5CNF about a PVC roof mount without drilling holes. This great article provides a neat solution for my desire to have an outdoor antenna on top of my garage so I can put a 2M rig in my garage. What a great magazine! As they said, I should have subscribed to your magazine years ago. I look forward to reading it for many years to come. 73, Jim Liston, AK6JL
....I am researching new antenna technologies for potential US NAVY applications and found your website a wealth of information!.... Spawar Systems Center...
Good Morning, Jack! I never fail to be pleased and amazed by the courtesies and efficiency of your organization antenneX! This one is in regard to the supposed attributes of the Hawkes Antenna and the investigative research thereof. Thank you, 10 to the Nth degree. . . . . to you and all of your associates. Rest assured I'm always touting the merits of antenneX loud and clear to one and all. I think I have everything in your Catalogue (Shopping Shack) pertinent to antenna(s), however keep me advised of the latest items that I might be interested in. 73! Bob Collins, w6wby/7
Last year I purchased the CD-ROM. Everything I have built from the ideas on the CD-ROM has worked. Now it is just a matter of tweaking the antennas and getting the most out of them. You keep spicing up the monthly columns, looks as if I will have to break down and purchase a years worth of articles. Keep up the good work! 73 Ron Melancon W0EAX
As a new subscriber to the mag, I find it one of the most exciting and useful sources for cutting edge developments in antennas...... Keep up the good work, 73's WB2AUV
I've had a quick browse of the new issue (October 1999 #30 Online) and I must compliment you on yet again producing such a thought provoking and informative magazine. A few years ago a lot of people would have said the there was nothing new to be discovered in antenna theory - well you are proving them wrong - keep up the good work. Best regards, Geoff, Falkland Islands
I must say that your site knocks spots off anything we have in the UK - I have never seen so much interesting material on subjects dear to my heart. I particularly like the CFA articles. What we need now is a definitive construction piece for a CFA that works out of the box, and that includes a phaser that works first time! Steve
...If you're looking for brain-teasers, this appears to be the place to find them. The CFA is quite a puzzle, and Richard was kind enough to introduce the 'X-CFA' quite recently. Quite a bit to play with, and the virtual guarantee that no one has 'been there and done that'. :-) Regards, Jim Barber, N7CXI
....By the way, as an electrical engineer and a ham I am very impressed with your electronic magazine and your coverage of CFA technology. Regards, Bruce E. Wilson, P.E. WA8HUL
Please tell August, W8MIA for me, "nice job" on the DJ-S41T review. I give product reviews in antenneX greater credibility because antenneX is not completely dependent on advertising for its survival. The reviews I have read seem balanced and objective, but still maintain a personal perspective. If I were shopping for a pocket HT, I would buy the DJ-S41T based on August's review as readily as if it were the personal recommendation of a friend whose opinion I trusted. 73, Tom Cox, KA5NEE
Hey, Jack! I've never looked forward to the next issue of a magazine the way I do antenneX. So, when's it ready, huh? Soon, right, huh, huh, right??? Tom, KA5NEE
Thank you! I really enjoy the articles in this site.
John K. Scoggin, Jr. N3SKO AAT3BF
Adjunct Asst. Professor, Computer & Information Sciences Dept.
University of Delaware, 101B Smith Hall, Newark, DE 19716
Very very excellent reading in this magazine!! I have seen nothing better, more educating, more entertaining that what I have seen here as a subscriber. Keep up the good work!! Sincerely, Kurt Wilson, N0XMV
Congratulations on an absolutely marvelus web page, I really enjoyed the visit !! Antennex is the best online-magazine. I have adding, a link to antennex site since last sunday, from my satellite page....ON1CAU SATELLITE PAGE. We are the first site that promotion your site in Belgium,  Keep up the good work, Best 73,  Berto Willems ON1CAU
.....I enjoy your site very much. It has a wealth of info and is quite good. Too bad the ARRL has fallen to such low depths as they did have good tech info in the past. The hairpin monopole is of most interest. We have a large  custom Cellwave monopole here for 10 meters and works quite well at 1100 feet. Truly a great service you provide. John, W2YCA
This is a most interesting magazine and I spend hours browsing through the queries and answers. Great stuff, keep it up and thanks. Noel, VK6DAV
The antenneX is a real gold mine for the antenna entusiastic. tomorrow I am going to send the check for the rest of archives... Jorge E Becerra H, HK3FUE. Bogotá
.... Please have my most sincere congratulations, for just a wonderfull job done with publication. On my 28 years on experience as radio amateur, is the first time I had found a publication of this type. Glad to join team of subcribers, I am going to enjoyed a great deal. Thanks and Best Regards. MIKE PANIZA-HP3ZP., Republic of Panama
I really enjoy AntenneX! My check is in the mail for the Archives subscription too. The discussion board is fun and I really appreciate the practical approach to antennas (I never tried to learn Smith charts, hi). Keep up the good work! Evan, K9SQG
Hi L.B. -- Just read your article on AntenneX. Enjoyed it and look forward to the series! I took your advice some months ago and checked out AntenneX. I liked what I saw and subscribed. Have really enjoyed the online magazine and look forward to each month's issue. Nice to see that you will now be a featured writer. Later -- 73 -- de Mike, KF7ZQ
Jack, First I must tell you I have never found a web site that I enjoy anywhere NEAR as much as I do Antennex! Those are such great articles... we somehow need to get the word out to more Amateurs ... I'm doing the best I can via word of mouth and word of Email .. Hi! Ron W4FP (K3PN, W0PN)
Hello Richard, Perused your "photo tour" with much interest. Looks like you are doing a very fine job on your new loop! The pictures are great. Jack, take a bow or two! Of course, a few questions come to mind. What is the diameter or circumference of your loop. Since your capacitor extends the size of the loop and since there will be mutual coupling between the sections, what effect/s will this have? Will it lower the Q? What is the capacitance of your capacitor? I hope you measured the capacitance before you installed it! Hi! Is it made of one inch tubing over half inch tubing? How long are the sections? From the pictures it looks as though your copper tubing for the main part of the loop doesn't have seams in it. Looks like one piece. Is it made of hard line, or what? I will be waiting (impatiently) for the subsequent articles and results of your work. I hope you won't make me wait 'til the story comes out in antenneX. Hi! It looks very, very interesting. Good luck and 73, Ben, W4KSY
Hi Jack, Spent about an hour this morning (in the Library) perusing many of the current and past articles... I've decided I simply must build the W5QJR antenna! Maybe even this weekend; after all winter appears to be here in the NorthEast, and that's when "us natives" do all our antenna work! So, just wanted to say that I consider the subscription cost well spent. I'll look forward to future articles, and will steer others to your fine electronic magazine. 73, Bob - W1VXV
"....Jack. I've enjoyed antenneX over the past 6 months and will re-up. My check will be in the mail this week. All the best, Joe, K0JN"
"Really fine web site. This alone was worth the subscription price. I wish you and all who work on AntenneX much success. It's a brilliant idea. The articles remind me of the extra effort we used to see in Amateur Radio magazine. As with politics and religion, antennas are endlessly interesting. You can tell the stories over and over and always get an audience. The graphs and illustrations are much appreciated. Great work!" Jim Travis, AC4JI
"Jack, Got ur note on the problem solving you did to get my account going ... I successfully logged in and downloaded everything I saw, cuz I couldn't decide which articles I DIDN'T want! They ALL look great, and far exceed anything I've ever seen in my 40 years of hamming! Thanks again!" 73, Ron K3PN (W0PN)
"Hi Jack -- I have enjoyed my subscription to antenneX very much - I even think I have learned something!!!...I believe that my subscription should be coming to an end and I would like to renew.... I do not want to be dropped.... Again, enjoy the publication - keep up the good work!" 73 -- de Mike, KF7ZQ
"Jack, Already read the October issue--another good one with a nice spread of antenna ideas...... The color graphics are a real eye pleaser and add clarity to the drawings. As long as you keep them to 16 colors, the file size does not get too far out of hand, and the clarity and attractiveness may be worth a bit of load time. Actually, no noticable delays occurred for the drawings with the improved capacitor design. Looking forward to more data on the loop performance vs. height question raised at the end. Looking forward to November already." -73- LB, W4RNL
"I have been enjoying your page almost from the start.... as I believe this is one of the best Ham pages on the WEB, and believe it will continue to grow. Keep up the very good work....." Bill N4MXF... P.S. Get some more data on full wave loops; horizontally mounted--Hi."
"...antenneX is the best publication I've ever gotten about anything!" Ken Keller
"Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy antenneX. I just don't read them, I study each issue over & over again. I have been a ham for 40+ years, have accumulated numerous books & articles on various antennas and still find much food for thought in your material. I usually don't bother to read the editorial page or read it last in most magazines, but not in antenneX! I read it first and enjoy the many personal experiences you relate.... so, keep up the good work!" Dorrell Shank, W0VJC
Hello from Israel...(unedited)
"hallow WEBMASTER i'v visited your nice web site and i realy have t say that this is a great step, a realy big step fot the RADIO AMATHUR in the world. my name is LIOR LAVI i live in ISRARL in moshav zohar (like a vilidge) and my father - 4 X 6 - Y Y , ISSAK LAVI is an raio amathur and he realy glad to hear that this kind f web sit exist in the internet. so i hope that you will reply to me in my E-MAIL aress: REDHOT@NETMEDIA.NET.IL and tell me your NAME and ADRESS so you will be able to talk with my father in the radio. realy thanks your internet pall- LIOR LAVI."
New but VERY SAGE Subscriber... "Checked out and looked at several articles--works great. I can see that I will spend some time on your web site. As ARRL editorials have shown concern with the internet subtracting time from ham operating hours--I believe it..... I have since 1938 disected many of the ham mags. and placed articles of interest in catagorized files--I am sure I have many of your articles and likewise will find some that have not been published. This is the first time I have had anything I ordered by mail delivered so fast--even Fed. Exp. can't meet this." Chuck, K7TPO, Portland, OR
"Just read the September issue. The antenneX site continues to grow and upgrade itself rapidly--it appears that you can do more here with graphics and photos than you could in print--if the excellent NASA Mars photos are any indication. Also having the entire set of back issues (well, almost, at this date) accessible without using an inch of home shelf space is a real advantage. Continued success in your growth and service." L. B. Cebik, W4RNL
"for those interested in antennae, construction, design, experimentation etc., antenneX offers a dedicated publication which is truly brilliant". Geoff GJ4ICD, United Kingdom
"...For those interested in antenna experimentation, the magazine antenneX is now an on-line subscription publication. It appeals to both new and experienced antenna experimenters and builders. Glad to know antenneX is back in business on-line. The piece on the inverted-L was quite interesting and well illustrated.-73- LB. Cebik, W4RNL
"Thanks for setting me up again. I really enjoyed your magazine before and look forward to reading the articles again." 73, John, KI6PU ex W7KNH
"Enjoyed the other magazine, glad to see you going again. Good Luck." Jack, WD5EXQ (Our very first subscriber way back in 1988!)
"...there is a lot of good information under the subscription area. It's particularly refreshing to find the purist-theoretical information right next to less formal experimentation, and the charts are great! They look like something real, not just the result of a number-crunched model. It's a very well-organized site and my first experience with serious content that is published online...Dan, KC4EWT"
"...I need as much information articles that you can send. I am the Editor of the Microvolt, the Utah Amateur Radio Club Newsletter... so, you are a sight for sore eyes. Thanks, 73-s" KC7MDV Cokie Eddy
"...I'm an instructor for Communication Technician course in the Marine Corps. I'm always looking for info on antenna propagation for references, this site has it all." David Cutright - US Marines
"Magnifica pagina y excelente informacion....." Jesus, XE2RC, Mexico
"...The best receiver in the world... noiseless and with .001 uV sensitivity is NOTHING without an appropriate ANTENNA SYSTEM" Arnie Coro, CO2KK, host of Dxers Unlimited, Radio Havana.
"Hello from Florence...
I am a "new"entry on "antenneX" and I think just one thing...IS GREAT!! Is exactely what I was looking for! Great are issues, graphics, the web site, and what should I say about contents: Is just what I dreamed for a life... antennas! So, I would like to know how download that programs in gw basic showned on shopping area. Some of them are free, is it correct? If yes how can I download them? Thanks and GO ahead ! 73's de IK5IIR from Florence [Italy]."