Unsubscribing from a List

The most common problem when trying to unsubscribe is using an email address that differs from the one on the List. So, first look back at any message received from the list and you will see your proper email near the bottom. It may not be the same as the one in your email program as the current sender, or perhaps you think its some other one you have. Looking at the bottom of the message received will solve that and if that one is not used, your unsubscribe will fail! This is because the system first checks the list to look for a match and then will be sending you an email to confirm the unsubscribe.

With that said, here are the simple steps to follow when unsubscribing:

  1. Go to this web page which facilitates use of proper email address and choose the antenna-discussion button in the lower half of the page. BUT, read all of this page first to avoid issues:

  2. Click on the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button (it's one of the 4 List buttons) Don't worry about putting
    anything in the open slot to left of button.

  3. After clicking as described in #2 above, you see a new page with
    heading "(name of list) List: member options login page"

  4. Enter the proper email address in the top slot. THIS is important and it is the email address shown as the A-D postings being sent to at the bottom of any post. That's the email member address and no other address will be recognized by the system. For instance, if you joined using a forwarder email like xxx @ arrl.net, that's the email to use as discussed at the top above.

  5. Skip the Password slot if you want. It'll work without it.

  6. Go further down under the Unsubscribe heading

  7. Just click on the "Unsubscribe" button under the heading.

  8. You should get an email within seconds giving you a choice of just replying or a link back to a web page to confirm.

  9. On that email, choose method to confirm unsubscribe: simply reply or click on the link to the web page. You will then receive a  confirmation of unsubscribed!

If you receive the email (within seconds) to confirm and follow it's choice of a reply or go to the web page, you will succeed and another email is sent to you confirming your unsubscribe. If you don't see the first email, look in your filters or start over — you made a mistake!