~ Why do we use cryptic passwords? ~

Our servers are under constant hacker attack - 7/24/365
Therefore, we do not use passwords that are "easy to remember."

The passwords for the subscription areas are
computer-generated and are almost 100% non-words.

It is known that some hackers will load entire dictionaries
into scripts to help find a "crack-in" password.

Below are some small snippet examples from our computer logs
of these scripted attacks that never stop, and pound at the rate of every 2-3 seconds:

hacker1.gif (80728 bytes)

.....and another example:

hacker2.gif (115280 bytes)

.....and one more example:

hacker0.gif (22007 bytes)

You may wonder why not just block the IP address?
We do where possible, but usually the IP is used only once by the hacker.
Hope the above helps to understand our security policy about passwords.
Please keep your passwords in a safe place and copy/paste from your NotePad if necessary.