Intermediate Antenna Modeling:
A Hands-On Tutorial
A step beyond the Basic Antenna Modeling Book
Includes 630+ pre-compiled models!
L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

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Includes apprx 1000 pre-compiled models!
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As the next step beyond the Basic Antenna Modeling Book, Intermediate Antenna Modeling introduces the reader to advanced antenna modeling use NEC-2 and NEC-4.

Modelers who use advanced modeling software have access to the full set of NEC commands. Hence, antenna modeling becomes a much different task relative to working with entry-level software. There is a need for basic guidance through the maze of geometry and control commands and Intermediate Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial fulfills much of that need. With the exception of surface patch commands and a few variations on some control commands, the volume provides a step-by-step progression through the entire command structure for both NEC-2 and NEC-4. The 488 pages are divided into 3 parts, each containing 7 chapters. An appendix contains useful data for modelers.

Like the entry-level volume by the same author, Basic Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial, each chapter makes use of many exercise models to permit the reader to correlate the text directly with antenna modeling practice in NEC-2 and NEC-4. Over 630 models are arranged in 21 series, with each series keyed to specific topics within individual chapters. The product contains all exercise models. Intermediate Antenna Modeling is useful both as a self-study course and as a classroom text. The large format (8.5" x 11") and over 300 illustrations promote easy reading.



Title of Sections



The Geometry Commands
Chapter 1 A Review of NEC Fundamentals and Limitations
Chapter 2 GW, GM, GS, and GE: Wire Entry Alternatives
Chapter 3 GC, CW, and GA: Special Wire Shapes
Chapter 4 GH in NEC-2 and NEC-4
Chapter 5 GX and GR: Symmetry
Chapter 6 WG and GF: Numerical Green's Functions and Wire Grids
Chapter 7 Finding Geometry Limitations in a Model
PART B Far-Field and General Control Commands
Chapter 8 Output Tables and Graphics
Chapter 9 Far-Field Radiation Pattern Requests
Chapter 10 Voltage and Current Sources and Frequency Specifications
Chapter 11 Ground: Types, Applications, and Specifications
Chapter 12 Mathematical and Wire Transmission Lines
Chapter 13 Impedance Loads and Their Limitations
Chapter 14 Networks and Some of Their Applications
PART C Special Outputs, Control Commands, and Techniques
Chapter 15 Power Information: Power Efficiency vs. Radiation Efficiency
Chapter 16 Material Loads, Wire Insulation, and Work-Arounds
Chapter 17 Special Radiation Pattern Data
Chapter 18 Near-Field Analysis in NEC-2 and NEC-4
Chapter 19 Receive and Scattering Data: Excitation and Data Requests
Chapter 20 Miscellaneous Special Commands
Chapter 21 Modeling by Equation
Appendix Some Useful Data for Antenna Modelers


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