Basic Antenna Modeling:
A Hands-On Tutorial
Includes 330+ NEC Modeling files

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

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Includes apprx 1000 pre-compiled models!
Use them as examples and/or modify them to fit your projects!

Basic Antenna Modeling introduces the reader to the art and craft of good antenna modeling using NEC-2. The principles of antenna modeling are perfectly general and apply to all versions of NEC-2. The 475-page tutorial contains 21 chapters, an appendix containing extensive information that is useful to modelers, and an index. The text is designed for both individual self-study or for classroom use. Plus, the book is accompanied with 300 exercise files for 150 antennas in .NEC format (for same files in EZNEC format, see below). These files will really help get you started modeling right away.

The tutorial is divided into three main parts. Part A covers basic modeling and model testing, while Part B explores common modeling techniques, limitations, and work-arounds. Part C introduces the modeler to techniques and cautions that apply to practical antenna work. Each chapter contains a number of basic exercise models--included on disk or CDROM with the book--along with variations used in the exercises. The exercises involve user modeling, but are accompanied by extensive commentary on the modeling technique, situation, or antenna type. There are over 150 different exercise models, and the total number of .NEC files is over 330. The models alone provide the new modeler with a useful collection of basic antenna designs. This 22-chapter book of more than 475 pages contains the following sections:



Title of Sections



Basic Modeling and Model Testing
Chapter 1 NEC-2
Chapter 2 Modeling Preparations
Chapter 3 Basic Antenna Models
Chapter 4 NEC Output Data
Chapter 5 Careful Model Construction
Chapter 6 Convergence Testing
Chapter 7 Frequency Specification
PART B Common Modeling Techniques, Limitations, and Work-Arounds
Chapter 8 Source Types and Placement
Chapter 9 Tapered-Diameter Elements
Chapter 10 Geometry Limitations
Chapter 11 Grounds and Applications
Chapter 12 Resistive Loads
Chapter 13 Reactive Loads
Chapter 14 Transmission Lines
PART C Practical Antenna Modeling
Chapter 15 Monopoles and Ground Planes
Chapter 16 Vertically Polarized Antennas and Arrays
Chapter 17 Bi-directional Wire Arrays
Chapter 18 Yagis
Chapter 19 Horizontal Parasitic and Phased Arrays
Chapter 20 VHF/UHF Antennas
Chapter 21 Special Structures
Appendix Some Useful Data for Antenna Modelers

Using the Tutorial Book with EZNEC

If your would like to use the tutorial volume with EZNEC software, you may obtain the same complete set of exercise files in the proprietary EZNEC format at: Basic Excercise Models in .EZ Format

Also, See the next step up Tutorial Book - Intermediate Antenna Modeling

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Save 20%
on price with purchase of both Tutorial Books
Plus, both books include some 1000 total of pre-compiled models by LB!
Use them as examples and/or modify them to fit your projects!