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n-combo.gif (1388 bytes)ow available — the popular L.B. Cebik "Antennas" CD-ROM Version 4.0 with a collection of more than 560 of LB's articles PLUS the antenneX on CD-ROM, Version 9.0 with 916 more great antenna and radio-related articles for your reading, construction and eXperimenting pleasure are contained and combined on this single CD-ROM, the CD Double Pack Volume 4.0!

Both CDs contain articles made available through December 2003 as shown on:

antenneX CD Version 9.0

LB Cebik's CD Version 4.0


LB's collection contains information of interest to radio amateurs as well as professionals interested in antennas, antenna modeling, and related subjects, such as antenna tuners and impedance matching. LB's notebooks are geared to helping other radio amateurs and antenna enthusiasts discover what he has managed to uncover over the years--and then to go well beyond to new discoveries. Here's what one happy reader has to say:

"...The more browsing of this disk I do, the greater the bargain it appears to be. It is absolutely loaded! I wish I had a laptop to browse it with when I'm away from home and need some good reading. Besides packing a great deal of antenna info into a small, efficient package, L. B has also made good use of the interactive nature of HTML. His article index is comprehensive and easy to use, and he hot-links concepts in one article that relate to another. (Boy, I wish my collection of old CQ, QST, Hamradio and 73 could do that...)
... Tom Cox, KA5NEE..."

The antenneX collection contains 916 more antenna and radio-related articles complete with thousands of illustrations, including diagrams, schematics, photographs, video and audios. The antenneX articles are written by some of the finest engineers, scientists, academics and experimenters from around the world! In addition to a wide variety of conventional-type antennas is a wide assortment leading-edge (and "bleeding-edge") technologies in the compact-antenna field of endeavor. Read about how these new ideas are developed along with various experiments and implementations. If you seek solutions to operating in restricted or close environments, here is a treasure cove!

Just load the CD-ROM in your computer CD player (AutoPlay feature enhanced) and start viewing! If your Operating System runs a browser that views the websites, this CD-ROM will work on your machine. So, if you had rather view offline, or don’t have a connection to the Internet, enjoy the same learning experience as the many thousands of others from more than 185 countries!

(NOTE: Upgrade available at a special discount price of $38.90 for customers who have purchased the Double Pack I, II or III CD-ROM.

For more information on the content of this CD-ROM, see the L.B. Cebik Antennas CD
and the antenneX on CD, sold seperately.

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